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New and used, factory, aftermarket and universal laptop charger Miskolc

Do you need a laptop charger? Choose from our stock, you will find Dell, Acer, Asus, Lenovo, Toshiba, HP factory chargers, but we also offer aftermarket and universal chargers! Out of Stock? Don't worry, we'll have it in a few days!

A laptop is a device that is essential for many of us in everyday work and leisure activities. However, laptops cannot operate for long periods of time without their chargers. That's why choosing our charger is just as important as choosing the laptop itself.

Types of laptop chargers

There are many different types of laptop chargers available in the market. The most common are factory chargers, which are made directly by the laptop manufacturer. These are the best choices as they perfectly fit laptops and guarantee the highest quality and safety.

Aftermarket chargers are usually cheaper, but their quality and performance may vary. These chargers do not always meet the strict quality and safety requirements of the manufacturers, so they are not recommended for the long term.

And universal chargers are those that can be used for several laptop models. These are handy if you have several different laptops, but it's important that they work properly with different models.

Choosing the right charger

There are several factors to consider when choosing a laptop charger. First, check if the charger is compatible with the laptop (volts, amps, connector). It is safest to use factory chargers, as they are guaranteed to be compatible with laptop models.

When using aftermarket and universal chargers, always check whether they work correctly with your laptop. If you are not sure, ask an expert for help.


A laptop charger is an essential device without which our laptop is unusable. However, it does not matter which charger we choose. The safest and best quality is the factory charger, while aftermarket and universal chargers should always be checked for quality and compatibility. Remember, your safety and the integrity of your laptop are at stake!

Frequently asked questions

Which laptop charger do you offer?

We offer factory and aftermarket and universal chargers for almost all brands.

Which charger do you recommend for my laptop?

We mainly recommend the factory chargers, but if the goal is cost efficiency, then the aftermarket charger is also suitable.

How can I determine which charger I need?

It is best if you give us the serial number of the laptop and we will find the best charger for you. But if you bring your laptop, that's fine too.

The laptop charger is getting very hot, what should I do now?

If the laptop charger is hot, do not continue using it, come in and we will help!

If I order by phone, will you deliver the charger?

Of course, we will send it by courier, but we can also bring it to your home.

The laptop won't turn on, it's completely discharged, could there be a problem with the charger?

Replacing the charger will most likely solve the problem. Come in and we'll help.

Which charger do you recommend for my laptop?

We primarily recommend factory chargers, as they are the safest and of the highest quality. If the goal is cost-effectiveness, then an aftermarket charger may also be suitable, but always check its quality and compatibility with your laptop.

How can I determine which charger I need?

It is best if you enter the serial number of the laptop, so you can easily find the charger that matches it. If you are not sure, take the laptop to a specialist shop, where they will help you choose.

The laptop charger is getting very hot, what should I do now?

If you notice that the laptop charger is hot, do not continue to use it under any circumstances. This can pose a serious threat to your laptop and your safety.