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Operációs rendszerek telepítés szolgáltatásunkat kizárólag ingyenes háztól-házig szolgáltatással tudod igénybe venni.

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Windows, Linux operating system installation and maintenance

Szükséged van új operációs rendszer telepítésére vagy meglévő rendszerének karbantartására? Professzionális csapatunk vállalja Windows és Linux operációs rendszerek telepítését és karbantartását, hogy számítógéped vagy laptopod mindig naprakész és megfelelően működjön.


  1. Operating system installation: We install and configure Windows or Linux operating systems on your computer or laptop, including all necessary drivers and software.
  2. System updates: We keep your operating system updated so you always have the latest security fixes and features.
  3. System maintenance: We perform regular maintenance to optimize performance, clean unnecessary files and restore system stability.
  4. Virus protection and security: We install and configure the appropriate anti-virus and security software to protect your computer from malware and attacks.
  5. Data backup and recovery: We help you safely back up and restore your data and advise on good data security practices.
  6. System error repair: We diagnose and repair system errors quickly and efficiently to keep your computer or laptop running smoothly.

What device is it possible to install windows on?

  1. desktop computers
  2. mini computers
  3. laptops
  4. steam deck

Why choose us?

  • Expert and experienced team: Our professional, well-trained specialists offer the best installation and maintenance solutions for Windows and Linux operating systems.
  • Fast and reliable service: We are committed to providing fast and efficient service to minimize downtime for your devices and ensure smooth OS installation and maintenance.
  • Customized solutions: Taking into account the unique needs and requirements of each customer, we offer customized installation and maintenance solutions, be it Windows or Linux.
  • Support and advice: Our experts are ready to help you make the best decisions, be it operating system selection, installation or maintenance.
  • Competitive prices: We offer our high quality services at competitive prices to ensure you get the best possible value.

Pre-installed Windows 10 Home for Refurbished Computers Digital license

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Pre-installed Windows 10 Professional for Refurbished Computers Digital license

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A csomag várható érkezése hozzád 2024/07/15 - 2024/07/17

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is it possible to buy Windows for an old computer or laptop?

Yes, you can buy windows for an old computer, but if you buy or assemble a new computer and it doesn't have windows, you can still buy it separately.

Why is Windows offered by companies better than what I download from torrents for free?

We install an official, legal Windows operating system that will be valid for the given machine. If you download a Windows from a torrent and use it, you are breaking the law and there may be many more problems with the update, or the downloaded Windows itself is already infected. We do not recommend it at all!

How long does a Windows installation take?

The operating system itself is approx. the updates go up in half an hour, installing drivers takes more time, if we install them, we also install the drivers.

If I already have another, older Windows operating system, do I still need to buy it?

If you have an operating system before Windows 7, unfortunately, the purchase of a new license is required to use Windows 10.

If I only buy windows, do I have to come to you?

No, just buy it from the online store and we will send you the digital license, invoice and activation instructions by email.

In the case of a Windows installation, do I also install other programs?

We install other programs only upon special request, this must be agreed separately, if it fits the time, we do not charge a separate fee for this. If it doesn't fit, then we charge the hourly rate for every half hour started.

What does the Windows and Linux maintenance service mean?

We look over the computer, run some tests, and if necessary, update the drivers. This should be done monthly.

If I can't come into the store, will you get out?

Even in the current situation, we will get out, pick up the computer and deliver it back after repairs, completely free of charge.