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Welcome to the website of reliable computer, laptop and notebook maintenance in Miskolc! Our expert team is committed to providing high-quality services to the residents and businesses of Miskolc. We have extensive experience servicing a variety of computer and laptop brands, models and configurations.


Our computer and laptop maintenance includes:
1. Hardware and software diagnostics:  We thoroughly check the hardware and software components of your computer, laptop or notebook to identify problems and performance limitations.

2. Cleaning and dust removal: We clean internal and external components, remove dust and dirt to improve cooling and performance.

3. Cooling system inspection and maintenance: We check and maintain the cooling system to ensure proper temperature and long-term stability.

4. Software updates and optimization: We install the latest software updates and optimize the system for faster and more stable operation.

5. Removal of virus and malicious software: We scan your computer or laptop for viruses, malware and other harmful programs and remove them.

6. Data backup and recovery: We ensure safe data backup and recovery on your computer or laptop, and help prevent data loss.

7. Component replacement and expansion: We replace and upgrade hardware such as memory, storage and graphics to ensure the best performance and reliability.

8. Laptop battery and keyboard replacement: We replace worn or defective laptop batteries and keyboards to increase the life and usability of the device.

9. System and network security: We advise and help you optimize system and network security settings to protect your computer and its data from harmful attacks.

10. Customized maintenance solutions: We offer customized maintenance packages and support tailored to the needs and requirements of your PC, laptop or notebook.

Why choose us?

Expert and experienced team: Our professional, well-trained technicians offer the best maintenance and repair solutions for computers, laptops and notebooks.
Reliable and fast service: We offer fast and efficient maintenance services to minimize your computer or laptop downtime.
Satisfaction Guarantee: We are committed to customer satisfaction and will take all necessary steps to ensure that you are satisfied with our service.
Competitive prices: We offer our high quality services at competitive prices to ensure you get the best possible value.


Feel free to contact us with your questions and needs regarding computer, laptop or notebook maintenance in Miskolc. Contact us at the contact details below or visit us in person so that our experts can assist you.

We mainly buy from Hungarian wholesalers. Wholesalers mainly buy laptops and computers from auctions, but in very large quantities, usually in container numbers. For example, an insurance company or multi will replace its machine fleet and sell it in one batch. It happens that we purchase goods from private individuals or even from abroad, especially laptops and parts.