Tablet service in Miskolc - Fast and professional solutions for all types of tablets

Our services:

tablet töltő javítás

Tablet software repair:

  • Operating system reinstallation
  • Antivirus
  • Data backup
  • Troubleshoot other issues
tablet, táblagép szerviz miskolc

Tablet hardware repair:

  • Tablet display, screen replacement, repair
  • Tablet charging connector replacement, repair
  • Tablet battery replacement
tablet kijelző csere

Tablet service process:

  • We assess and investigate the error (free)
  • If the required part is not in stock, we will obtain it based on prior agreement
  • We will do the repair

The popularity of touch-screen tablets is unbroken, as they are convenient and portable devices for both work and entertainment. However, like all electronic devices, tablets can fail. Fortunately, we are also available in Miskolc to repair your tablets quickly and professionally.

Why choose us for tablet servicing in Miskolc?

  1. Experience and expertise: Our specialists have many years of experience in repairing tablets of different types and brands. Whether it's a screen replacement, battery problems or any other malfunction, your device will be in good hands with us.
  2. Fast and efficient service: We know that your tablet is an indispensable tool in everyday life, so we do everything in our power to restore your device to its perfect functioning as quickly as possible.
  3. Guarantee: We offer a guarantee for every tablet repair we carry out, so you can be sure that our work provides quality and lasting results.
  4. Friendly and helpful team: The specialists working in our tablet service in Miskolc are not only competent, but also readily available to answer all your questions and recommend the best solution.

Don't let the failure of your tablet interfere with your work or fun! Feel free to contact us in Miskolc and entrust the servicing of your tablet to expert hands.


Tablet service Miskolc

Frequently asked questions

Can I wait until the tablet is ready?

Unfortunately, this is not possible in most cases, because it can take several hours. Tablet disassembly is a long and delicate task.

Is it worth having the tablet repaired?

Unfortunately, not always. If a tablet represents a value, e.g. HUF 50-100 and it worked properly and was fast, so it can be worth it. Ask for a quote and then you can decide!

What tablet errors can be fixed?

  • display replacement,
  • Battery replacement
  • Charging connector, no charging error

Do I get a guarantee for the work done?

Yes, we offer a 30-day guarantee on the work performed.

How much does a tablet repair cost?

The machine must always be disassembled and then put back together, so you can count on a minimum of 1 hour of work, but usually 2 hours of work.

How much does it cost to install an operating system?

The cost of reinstalling the operating system can be found in the prices menu.

In case of reinstallation, is it possible to save data, how much does it cost to save data?

Yes, it is possible to request the saving of important data. The backup fee is determined by the amount of data(s) you want to save.

Is it possible to expand memory in the tablet?

Unfortunately, no, it's not possible.

Is it possible to replace the hard drive of the tablet with a larger one?

Unfortunately, it is not possible.

What tablet brand do you repair?

We repair Samsung, Alcatel, Huawei, Lenovo, Asus, LG, Acer tablets, parts of lesser-known brands are not adequately supported.

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